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  • Charleston, WV
  • Posted: February 27, 2020
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  • Basic Description
    • Serve as the director for certain CAMC offsite departments and as the liaison with Medical Management Services' "external customers." The incumbent will be responsible for planning, directing, developing and coordinating the programs, services, and activities needed to further CAMC goal of developing and  supporting our surgical specialties.
  • Specialized Knowledge, Experience and Skills
    (Education, Experience and Skills required to fully perform the requirements of the position)
    • Degree / Education
      • Bachelor Degree Management
      • Or
      • Bachelor Degree Business
      • Or
      • Bachelor Degree HCA
      • Or
      • Bachelor Degree Related
    • Level of Experience
      • 3 YEARS In HealthCare setting
    • Lic./Cert./Reg.
      • All licensure must be current/valid and from the state of West Virginia.
    • Typing/Word Processing skills required for this position
    • Computer Skills required for this position
      • Type of software Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, or related types
      • Familiarity of basic pc skills
    • Other Required Areas of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
      • Analytical skills
      • Applies knowledge to new situations
      • Bookkeeping
      • Community resource knowledge
      • Customer service
      • Decision making
      • Employee relations
      • Handle multiple assignments
      • Judgement
      • Math simple
      • Organization
      • Problem solving
      • Project management
      • Public speaking
      • Supervisory skills
      • Teamwork
      • Verbal communication
      • Work independently
      • Written communication
    • Acceptable SUBSTITUTIONS (if any)
    • Patient Group Knowledge (Only applies to positions with direct patient contact)
      • The employee must possess/obtain (by the end of the orientation period) and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide developmentally appropriate assessment, treatment or care as defined by the department’s identified patient ages. Specifically the employee must be able to demonstrate competency in: 1) ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of patient needs; 2) knowledge of growth and development; and 3) understanding of the range of treatment needed by the patients.
    • Assigns work to or supervises others
    • Competency Statement
      • Must demonstrate competency through an initial orientation and ongoing competency validation to independently perform tasks and additional duties as specified in the job description and the unit/department specific competency checklist.
    • Minimum Requirement Comments
      • Of utmost importance to this person will be the ability to deal with conflicts and resolve them as amicably as possible. Management of the offsite departments requires a strong commitment to customer service (viewing both the physicians and the patients as customers.) Attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple requests as well as completing demands on this person's time will be critical. Person will need to have strong interpersonal skills and a strong sense of accountability. Systems thinking focus will be critical.
      •  Anyone hired into this position prior to 8/1/2015, will be grandfathered in with current education level.

  • Physical Requirements
    (Essential physical requirements)
      • Vision
      • Hand-eye coordination
      • Hearing
    • Activities Requiring Time
      • Sitting - 1 hr
      • Standing - 1 hr
      • Walking - 1 hr
    • Lifting
      • Up to 10 lbs - Often
      • 11 to 24 lbs - Seldom
    • Pushing
    • Reaching / Pulling

Job Information

Req #: 20201-16845